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Jessica Lange

A natural beauty with natural talent.

Jessica Lange Fans
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Welcome to the first LJ community for the very beautiful and talented actress, Jessica Lange.

1. Talk about anything that has due to do with Jess but please no negative comments. This community is for the fans of Jessica and we don't want any hurtful or negative things here.
2. Please don't advertise for communities unless it has something to do with Jessica.
3. Be nice to everyone on here... we are all fans with opinions.
4. Join... post often... have fun.

( last updated 5/1/05)

On Jess
- Jess wrapped up Broken Flowers opposite Bill Murray and Sharon Stone. The film is directed by Jim Jarmusch.
- Recently finished the film Neverwas opposite Nick Nolte.
- Jess is finishing up the film Aftershock starring Maria Bello.
- In the next couple of months Jess will begin filming The Mermaid's Singing opposite Neve Campbell and Evan Rachel Wood.

All in all the following projects will be coming out: Don't Come Knocking, Broken Flowers, Neverwas, Aftershock, and The Mermaid's Singing.

On Community
- Nothing new!