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whoo hoo! - Jessica Lange [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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whoo hoo! [Jan. 6th, 2005|03:15 pm]
Jessica Lange Fans
[mood |excitedexcited]
[music |lighter touch-heart]

hi, i think i'm gonna die...my name is emily and jessica lange's been my idol since i was 8...8! i can't believe there is a community to her, i'm so excited, there are other people who love her too...this is fantastic! i just joined, i couldn't help it, it was so great that i found this, i clicked and i couldn't even control it...ha ha...so, yeah, hello there...if you wanna ask me anything, go ahead...i don't know what else to say...but...ok bye. :)

[User Picture]From: somekindofdream
2005-01-07 11:09 pm (UTC)
Yay, I'm glad someone new joined! I've loved Jessica for quite some time... she reminds me of myself in so many ways and not to mention her FLAWLESS acting! Anyways welcome to the community! What are some of your fave movies of hers? Least faves?
My personal favorites:
Normal( to me her acting is at her best in this one....)
Blue Sky
Rob Roy
Big Fish
( it's hard because I love all of Jessica's movies... but....)
Hush ( to me the ending was just way to weird... Jessica gave a good performance but it didn't showcase her talent at all)
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From: secretsabina
2005-01-10 04:31 pm (UTC)
ha ha ha! oh yes, the mighty hush...i went to see that the first day it came out, just because of her...and...it wasn't that good...ha! but apparently she didn't like it too much, either, so we shouldn't feel too bad for saying that! i liked her playing a malevolent character, tho, it was awsome...titus, tho, playing tamora...ooo, she was so evil, she gave me chills...

my faves:
1. blue sky
2. frances
3. rob roy (god, i love that movie)
4. a thousand acres...another movie i saw the first day it came out, and there were only three people in the audience, and it closed in two weeks, but i loved it so much...

my least faves:
ha ha, just hush...hee hee that one's rough

have you seen masked and anonymous? because that and streetcar from tv are the only things i haven't seen with her in them...i'm curious about masked and anonymous, and when streetcar came on tv, i just couldn't do it...i wasn't strong enough to see jessica play blanche dubois...that character kills me, and she kills me, so i think i would have died...i could watch it now, but i can't find it...:( *WAH!*

she's so brilliant...
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[User Picture]From: somekindofdream
2005-01-12 12:02 am (UTC)
I just rented Hush and I've watched it about 3 times and it is a lot of fun to see Jessica playing the evil one... haha I absolutely LOVE her facial expression/smile right after the old woman says that she is giving her the finger when they are at the retirement home. Jessica just gives this playful smile that says " I'm going to kick your ass" to her.... it's great.

As for Masked and Anonymous, I've seen parts of it and Jessica definitely has a supporting role in this... she definitely looks very different, she has a very bold/harsh appearance in this one... but I can't really say whether she gives a good performance... one because she only has a bit part, and two I haven't the seen the whole thing.

STREETCAR: Okay I really want to see this! Do you know if they have it at Hollywood Video or Blockbuster? I don't think they have it at my Blockbuster but I haven't looked at Hollywood yet... I hear that her performance is WONDERFUL but very devastating.

Have you seen the film, Normal? To me this movie shows how truly talented Jessica is... to me this is her best performance yet. And for Rob Roy, I'm in love with her in that too!! Her and Liam had a lot of chemistry and I envy her damn hair in that movie... the long, beautiful, red...haha.

Anyways I'm going to stop now.
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From: secretsabina
2005-01-12 09:22 pm (UTC)
ha ha ha, ok, here goes...i OWN normal, my friend bought it for me last christmas, cause she knows how i idolize her...she was so good in it, it's true...and the fact that she was in a movie of that subject matter just gives a testament to how much of an open-minded person she is...she just rocks, man, rocks...
liam and jessica's chemistry in that movie makes me quiver...for real...gives me chills...whoo hoo...and that hair! i know what you're saying!!! it's so lovely...
i have seen all of her movies except for streetcar and masked...have you seen the showtime version of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof with tommy lee jones? it was made when showtime first got aired, and they needed to do something that would attract people's attention, and jessica and tommy were huge in the '80's, so that was how that happeneed....anyway, it's cool shit, and there's that part where jessica runs her nails across the back of a couch...oooo, it's such a moment...

yeah, streetcar i have no idea how to get a copy of it...i haven't seen it anywhere, but maybe you can try on-line! check amazon...i know they have a copy of it in the lincoln center library in new york city, but it's not the televised version, it's the stage show...they make recordings of all of the shows on broadway...and that one's on it...i have to get my ass down ther and see if i can watch it...

ANOTHER THING!!!!!!! did you know she's going to be on broadway this spring?!?!?!?!!? in the glass minagerie...she's playing amanda...i don't know where you live, but if you're close to nyc, you should come see it...*faints*

it's a funny thing, cause i saw big fish cause she was in it, and her part was small, but so moving...the dynamic between her and albert finney and the son...priceless...i couldn't stop crying...so amazing...
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[User Picture]From: somekindofdream
2005-01-16 07:26 pm (UTC)
I know when I saw Rob Roy I was like woah... I wonder what Natasha ( Liam's wife) was thinking when she saw them two kissing away... looked pretty damn real to me haha.

I haven't seen Cat on A Hot Tin Roof yet.... I haven't really heard much about it. I'll definitely check it out but next on my list is Streetcar just because I heard she did lovely. I've pretty much seen all of her movies except for the select few.

Yeah, I knew Jessica was performing in The Glass Menagerie... and I *WISH* I lived in NY so I could go see it... I think she will be perfect for the role of Amanda. She's got that whole southern belle thing mastered already... are you going to see it? If you are... you are SO lucky.

BIG FISH~ I love it when she goes into the bathtub with Albert Finney... just so touching. Ahhh I love it!
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